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Happily Ever After- Blood+ (1.Prolog)

2. května 2012 v 13:30 | Iva |  Blood+
"Nakurunaisa. I love you," he said, with a small smile.
And the balcony collapsed.

This clip seemed to play over and over again in Saya's head as she slumbered on. "I love you. I love you. I love you." Although she was sad that she did not get to see her beloved Chevalier once again before her sleep, she knew, deep down inside, that Haji was still alive. There was no way that a falling building could kill him when he had been through worse with her during her journeys; he had been stabbed countless times and had been crushed by boulders, yet he was still with her to the end.
Haji had been through so much for her throughout the years. He never once complained and never asked for more, other than to protect her. It was her fault that his time had stopped, Saya thought bitterly.
Although she was somewhat surprised when Haji confessed his love, she was genuinely pleased. There was no one that matched her better than Haji; Haji, her childhood friend, her companion, her Chevalier, and last of all, her lover.
Who would have thought that she would find someone to love, someone to care for. She longer needed to be alone in the world where time changed quickly during her sleep. People could pass away, people could change, but Haji would always remain with her.
All that she had to do now was to wait patiently until she could again walk amongst those she loved. Just a few more years, she thought, just a few more years until I can see Kai and Haji and everyone else. She shifted a little to get in a more comfortable position as she continued to dream…
As the wind blew across Haji's face, a strand of hair strayed away from the ribbon that held the rest of his hair together. Saya, he thought as he continued to play his cello under the setting sun at his lover's favourite place on the beach.
He remembered the balcony collapsing on top of him. He remembered being trapped in darkness. He remembered almost giving up, but then he heard someone scream his name out in despair. That someone should not be in pain, especially if she was in pain for him. With fresh determination, he managed to crawl out of the fallen building before the bombs were dropped.
He had to stay in the US for a while so that he could regain his health. By the time he arrived at Japan, Saya was already falling asleep. He watched as Kai took his sister up to the family's grave and wept as he said his last words to her. It had been twenty five years since Saya went into her deep slumber. Many things had changed in these years and Haji observed them all from afar.
Saya's older brother had been a great help to the Red Shield in destroying the remaining Chiropteras who did not receive the enzyme produced by Julia. Along with David, Lewis, Julia, and Joel, they managed to track down and kill every single Chiroptera across the world. The Red Shield was then disbanded again.
Kai returned to Okinawa once again to continue on his fathers business at the Omoro. David, Julia, Lewis, and Joel all decided to return to England to stay with Glay and help out with his orphanage. It was there that David and Julia's son, Ken, was born. Although they lived very far away, they would always find time to visit Okinawa. They still continued to live in England, waiting for the day when Saya would wake up.
During the same time, Okamura, Mao and Lulu returned from the Middle East. Okamura started his own photography shop in Okinawa. Mao grudgingly went to university to continue her studies and Lulu decided to stay with Kai and the twins.
The twins were exact mirrored images of each other, except for their eyes of course. Mizaki was the girl with the red eyes and Mizuki was the girl with the blue eyes. The twins went to elementary school just like every other child. Mizuki seemed to be more interested in athletics, much like her aunt, whereas Mizaki loved to sing. While Mizaki was more outgoing and expressed her feelings outwardly, Mizuki was shyer but sweeter. However, they both had a fierce protection for each other and the people they loved.
The twins had a peaceful childhood, just as Saya had hoped for. They were both very mischievous and often got in trouble. Mao had to constantly help Kai talk to the principal when he was busy with the restaurant. It was then their relationship began to get serious. Mao often helped Lulu with babysitting when the twins were little so she saw Kai often. However, she never stayed long because of her studies.
When she finished her studies and went into commerce for a job, she had more time to visit Kai and the twins. Although Mizuki and Mizaki got along fine with Lulu, Mao seemed to be more of the motherly figure. As time went on, Kai finally proposed to Mao when the twins were just starting middle school. They were married within the same year at the beach, with only the closet people to them present.
There was a point when the twins could no longer attend the same school because they had stopped aging. This was exactly sixteen years after Saya had gone to sleep. The twins then decided to go traveling around the world. Lulu went along with them since she had already done some traveling in the past and wanted to see more of the world. Although Kai was sad that the twins left, he was comforted by Mao, especially when she announced she was pregnant.
So twenty five years later, Haji was still guarding Saya and watching Kai's family. Kai and Mao had twins-one boy and one girl. The boy was name George and the girl was named Irene. Their faces would have been identical if not for their different genders. George's hairstyle resembled Kai's, except its colour was brown which was inherited from Mao, while Irene had long dark red hair which flowed to the middle of her back. The twins had been attending elementary school for a few years now. They had just turned nine a few days back. Their cousins, Mizaki and Mizuki, were still traveling with Lulu and often sent postcards of where they were.
The last rays of the setting sunlight disappeared while he was reminiscing. Haji patiently continued to play his cello as he waited five more years before he could finally be reunited with his beloved queen.

A zase.Originály prostě nepíšu já.Zvykejte si,že tohle varování bude platit u více méně většiny "mých" článků v angličtině.Nic nevlastním! (a teď to říkám naposled,už to berte jako samozřejmost)


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