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Happily Ever After- Blood+ (2.Setkání)

4. května 2012 v 13:30 | Iva |  Blood+
What is that sound? Saya wondered as she struggled to remember where she had heard that sad, low melody. She knew that it was very familiar because she had heard it many times in her sleep. Lately, her senses seemed to be getting sharper. Sometimes she thought that she could even hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing. Had it already been thirty years? she thought as she tried to break out of her cocoon.
She struggled for several minutes before she found a week spot in her confinement. As she was trying to make the hole bigger so she could get out, she noticed that the melody had stopped. Finally, she managed to free herself and stumbled out of the cocoon.
As she turned her head to look around, she noticed that the room she was in was semi-dark. A small ray of sun light was shining through the doorway. Saya guessed that it must be dawn, since the sky was painted with an orangey-pink glow. From what she could see, her room seemed to be a stone shrine. Although, it was still early and she was not wearing a single piece of clothing, she did not feel cold at all. Rather, she felt refreshed as a breeze of wind rustled her exceptionally long hair. As she struggled to sit up, she strained her ears to hear that sad, familiar melody, but all she heard was the rustling of the leaves.

Wanting to find the source of the now none-existent tune, she tried to stand up on her legs, but only ended up stumbling. It seemed that her body was not as strong as she remembered. Before she fell, a pair of hands reached out and stopped her fall. She looked up and when she saw who it was, her whole face lit up with happiness and joy.
"Haji!" she cried, "I knew you were still alive."
"Of course, I did promise that I would never leave your side didn't I?" Haji replied with a faint smile on his lips. He picked up Saya in his arms and sat down on the stone floor. "You must be hungry, here," he said as he lowered his shirt.
Saya gratefully reached up and bit his neck. As the familiar taste of blood, Haji's blood more specifically, flowed through her mouth, she felt her energy strengthen.
"Thank you Haji," she said as she finished with her last mouthful.
"There is no need to thank," Haji said gently as he wiped a trail of blood from Saya's cheek.
He continued to hold Saya in his arms, with her head resting on his chest and his head on her head, for several long and comfortable minutes. Finally, Saya looked up.
"You know, I love you too Haji," she said, smiling and blushing with her heart beating quickly.
"I know," he replied softly as he cupped her chin gently with his left hand and lifted her face up for a kiss.
As soon as their lips met, Saya threw her arms around Haji's neck to bring herself closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her closely, while holding a strand of her long hair. Their kiss became more passionate as their tongues entwined and danced within their mouths. This moment seemed to last so long, yet too short. Saya's memories returned sharply as she tasted Haji's taste and smelled his unique smell.
Eventually, Saya had to break off for a breath of air. She rested her forehead against his as she listened to themselves breathe heavily and unevenly. Haji stared into her eyes with such love and tender that Saya blushed again.
"Let's get you dressed," Haji said, "I'm sure Kai and your nieces are excited to see you. And you will probably need a hair cut soon."
"Oh right, my nieces!" exclaimed Saya, "How are they? Wow, they must have had stopped aging by now."
"Yes, they have. They are named Mizaki and Mizuki." Haji replied as he passed Saya a simple baby pink summer dress and some underclothes. "Mizaki has red eyes and Mizuki has blue eyes."
"Wow they're very pretty names. I can't wait to meet them! Do they look like Diva or Riku?" asked Saya as she slipped on her dress.
"They look a lot like you and your sister, except their faces are somewhat more childish, resembling Riku," Haji replied, "Speaking of them, they have just returned from their travel to finally meet you. The only reason Kai isn't here to see you wake up is because you are a few days early."
"Oh, really?" Saya said and then smiled, "Well it was probably because you woke me up with your cello."
"I am glad then," Haji said as he walked towards her. She reached up and gently caressed his face. He leaned down to give her a quick kiss and held her tightly against him.
"I've missed you Haji," Saya mumbled against his chest.
"I did too," he said quietly.
Saya looked up to stare at him in the eyes and smiled as she said, "You were always in my dreams. It felt like you were always there with me."
"And you were always in my thoughts," he replied. Saya wrapped her arms around Haji even harder as if she would never let go. The couple continued to hold each other to simply rejoice the fact that they were finally reunited.
"Alright, I think we should get going," Haji eventually said, breaking the peaceful silent.
"Okay," said Saya, somewhat regrettably. Haji went to pick up his cello case from the corner of the shrine and together they walked into the rising sun with their hands entwined.


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