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Happily Ever After- Blood+ (3.Hajiho Perpektiva)

5. května 2012 v 13:30 | Iva |  Blood+
As they walked into the open air, Saya let go of Haji's hand to pick up a wilted pink flower on the floor with a ribbon tied to it. Recognizing who it was from, she smiled as she untied the blue ribbon. She replaced the flower on the floor and tied her long bangs with the ribbon at the back of her head while allowing the rest of her hair to hang loosely.
She turned to face Haji and asked, "Is it messy?"

"It's fine," he replied, while thinking that he had never seen anyone so beautiful as her. She took his hand and they walked towards the top of the stairs.
Their surroundings gradually became brighter as they walked down the stone steps. However, Saya did not seem to be paying any attention to what is around her; she was only concentrating on Haji. Haji appeared to be paying as much attention to her, but of course he was always watching the surrounding area for possible dangers.
Although it had supposedly been thirty years already, to Haji, time did not matter; Saya is the most important being to his existence. He lived for the years that she was awake and nothing more.
He had never confessed his love for Saya before because of their circumstances. When they first met, he thought of her as a spoiled rich girl who acted like she was the center of the world and everything revolved around her. Gradually, as they became friends, he started to admire her. He had never once thought that he had any chance with her, especially with their age difference. Even when he was older and realized that she did not age like everyone else did, he still did not admit his feelings for her because he was afraid that he would destroy their current relationship.
When he fell off the cliff and she stopped his time, he went into such pain and agony that he thought he would die. However, when he found out that he had stopped aging and been made to be Saya's protector, he was ecstatic beyond belief. He could protect her and stay with her, literally, forever.
He was first forced use his Chiropteran powers to protect Saya from being captured. However, he banished that power when he saw the terror and pain in her eyes; he did not ever want to see her suffer through such a torment ever again. She was suffering enough as it was and it had pained him that he was the cause of the fear in her eyes.
As the hunt for Diva progressed, Haji started showing even less emotion than he had before. When Saya asked him to kill her when everything ended, he was devastated, but none of that emotion showed on his face, only in his eyes. He simply promised that he would do as she wished. He did not want to get in the way of Saya; so instead, he concentrated solely on protecting her and fulfilling her every wish.
He watched her as she became less and less like the energetic and happy girl of the Zoo. As she continued to slay Chiropteras, her smile gradually disappeared and her face only showed grim determination and exhaustion. He could protect her with all his might, but he could not stop her smile from fading. He had often vainly wished to see that smile back on her face. That wish never came true, until he saw her living as a part of Kai's family.
He had hardly believed his eyes when he saw her smile so often. Although she did not remember her past, at least not yet, he was glad to see her so happy and peaceful again. That happiness was quickly destroyed when she recalled her memories. He helplessly saw her once again fall deeper into despair and sadness, especially when Riku died.
He knew Saya had made many difficult decisions; the decision to hunt down and kill Diva, the only blood-related family that she had in the whole world; the decision to give Riku her blood, even though it meant that his time would stop too; the decision to kill the Chiropteras, the creatures who were the same species as her. He did not want to burden her with another decision of whether she loved him or not.
Finally, everything ended when Diva died. Although Haji did not want to see Saya kill her nieces, even though he could see that she did not want to, he did not dare to go against the wish of his queen. Only when Kai confronted him, with a punch and the truth, did he then confess his feelings.
And now here he was, thirty years later, walking hands in hands with Saya. He smiled at the thought.
"Why are you smiling?" asked Saya when she noticed.
"Because I am here with you," he replied truthfully.
Saya blushed yet again and said, "You seem to be…more open and happier than before. Much like how you were when we lived with Joel. I like it better this way. Can you smile more often?"
"If that is your wish," he said and smiled again for her.
She affectionately squeezed his hand in return. They continued to walk down the stairs in the warm September air. He watched Saya look around as they reached closer to the bottom of the steps. After all, this place held a lot of memories for her; it was the beginning and the end of her last awakening.
As they reached the end of the steps, Saya combed through her hair with her free hand and said, "I definitely need a haircut soon."
"I think you look beautiful either way," said Haji, "but your long hair reminds me of when we were living with Joel."
She smiled and playfully said, "Hmm… On second thought, I think I'll keep it like this."
"If that is your wish," he replied as he leaded her down the streets.
Saya seemed so peaceful and serene walking beside him. She looked like an angel sent from the heavens; this was at least true from Haji's perspective.


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