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Happily Ever After- Blood+ (4.Rodina)

6. května 2012 v 13:30 | Iva |  Blood+
Kai was opening up the Omoro for business. His children were helping out since it was a Saturday. He had just finished sweeping the front entrance when he noticed two people, lovers from the way the pair of them were engrossed within their own world, walking down the street. He thought he was dreaming when he saw a familiar glint of light reflecting from the taller figure's cello case. Suddenly, when he finally realized who they were, he shouted loudly for his children.
"George! Irene! Come here quickly!"
"What is it Papa?" they asked.

"Irene, go wake your mother up and tell her to come down quickly," Kai said and Irene walked towards the stairs wondering what could have caused her father to become so excited, "And George, you do the same for your cousins."
"Alright, but they aren't gonna be very happy to be woken up this early," grumbled George.
Kai could not believe that he was finally going to see his sister after waiting for thirty long years. He then stood at the entrance and waited patiently for Saya and Haji to reach the restaurant.
It took a few minutes before Saya realized that they were almost at the Omoro. Suddenly, she noticed a middle-aged man walking towards her. It took her a moment before she recognized who it was.
"Kai! It's so great to see you!" she cried as she ran up to him and gave him a hug.
"You too Saya!" he replied and then held her at arm-length to examine her face, "Wow you really haven't changed at all. I knew this would happen but it's still so shocking."
"And you've gotten a lot older, you old man," Saya teased. "Your red hair is completely gone!"
"Hey, that's pretty harsh! I don't have that much grey hair…You can still see-" Kai said as he got interrupted and pushed off to the side.
"Saya! How've you been?" Mao said as she gave Saya a big hug, "It's great to have you back. So much has happened since you went to sleep."
"Is that so? Well, I look forward to catching up with everyone," she said. Then as she noticed the girl with long red hair standing behind the woman, she smiled and asked, "And is this your daughter?"
"Yes, this is Irene. Irene, say hi to your aunt."
"Hello auntie," she said shyly.
"Her brother is inside waking up your other nieces," Mao told Saya. "Ah, here they come."
Saya peered around Mao and saw three teenagers walking towards them. The boy looked a lot like Kai when he was a teenager, except he had darker hair. Haji was right about Diva and Riku's twins: they looked like her, yet more childish.
"This is Mizaki and Mizuki," Mao introduced.
"Good morning Saya-san!" said Mizaki cheerfully.
"You shouldn't call auntie by her name, Mizaki," scolded her sister.
"Who cares? She's looks like she's the same age as us anyways. She looks more like our sister rather than aunt"
"It's alright," interrupted Saya slightly flustered, but honoured that Mizaki felt such a close tie with her. "Just call me Saya."
"Okay Saya," Mizaki said good naturedly, "The strict one over here is Mizuki, by the ways, and the quiet one, George, over there is Irene's twin brother."
"Hello Mizuki and George. It is nice to have finally met you." Saya said smiling. She then turned to Mao and asked, "So how long have you and Kai been married now?"
"Oh, around twenty years ago or so. We then had Irene and George about more than ten years ago. They just turned fourteen last week," answered Mao, "Anyways, let's head on inside, you must be very hungry."
As soon as she said that, Saya's stomach growled loudly and everyone laughed while Saya looked embarrassed. The party of people then began to walk towards the Omoro. As Saya walked through the front door, she heard Kai talking to Haji.
"Ah, Haji it's great that there is finally another man," said Kai, "Before George came along, I was the only guy around. I was constantly being bullied by Mao and Lulu. Can you believe it? Even tiny Lulu bossed me around. One time she…"
Saya smiled and was glad that Haji was finally interacting with other people besides herself.
Saya just had about the best day of her life. She spent the whole morning chatting with Kai's family. When the first customers arrived, Kai sent everyone upstairs, except his own twins, who weren't very happy that they couldn't join the fun. There, in Mao's room, the girls continued to chat. Haji, surprisingly, had offered to help out downstairs.
Saya learned that Lulu was currently staying in England with David and his family. When Glay passed away, David and Julia took over the orphanage. Since the Red Shield was disbanded, Joel no longer had any duties so he stayed with David and Julia. According to Julia, Joel and Monique got along very well. A few years later, they were also married and then moved to the city where they were living now. Apparently, Lewis fell in love with a French tourist some years ago and was now living in Paris with his family.
David and Julia did not have another child after Ken. Instead, they adopted more orphans. Ken stayed with his parents to help out with their orphanage. Lulu had also often gone to London to help out as well.
"So Saya," said Mao, "I heard from Kai that you and Haji are all lovey-dovey now."
Unsurprisingly, Saya blushed. Lucky for her, Mizaki came to her rescue. "Oh leave her alone Auntie Mao. She and Haji can finally be together. From what you've told us, they had been through a lot. They deserve each other."
"Jahana-san, you really haven't changed at all," Saya said, "always blunt to the point."
"Hmph and you haven't changed either, always calling me 'Jahana-san.' We are family now. Oh and my name is Mao, just in case you had forgotten," retorted Mao and everyone laughed.
Their talk didn't feel like it lasted very long because it seemed that it was just a second ago that they had walked into Mao's room and the next second, Kai is calling everyone down for lunch.
After lunch was finished and the last customer left, Kai closed up the shop for a break. He then brought out photo albums from a dusty cupboard. Everyone crowded around the table, except for Haji who sat in the corner. He took out his cello and began to play softly so that he would not disturb the others.
"This is David and Julia's wedding," Kai was saying, "It was about a few months after you went to sleep."
"Hey, you can see a little bump on her dress!" Saya said.
"Yeah it's Uncle Ken!" piped Irene.
"And here is Joel and Monique's wedding," Mao said when she flipped the page.
"Wow Monique looks gorgeous in that dress," Saya said, "She looks so much different!"
"I know! Her dress is the best," Mizaki and Mizuki said.
"If I ever have a wedding, I want a dress just like that," said Irene enviously.
"I think Joel looks pretty handsome too, you know, with his suit and the polished wheelchair," Kai joked.
They continued to look at the photo albums all afternoon. Saya saw pictures of Mizuki and Mizaki in their childhood years. At one point, she noticed that they had stopped aging while Kai's hair seemed to get greyer. After that, there were not as much photos of the twins. Instead, they were replaced by baby pictures of Irene and George. As she flipped through the albums, she saw the people she loved gradually changed into who they were now. There were so many photo albums that Saya lost count of how many she had seen.
Soon after, they had to retreat upstairs while Kai opened up his restaurant again for dinner. They continued to chat and were soon called back downstairs for dinner. Their dinner was very loud and heart-warming. It made Saya realized just about how much she had missed spending time with her family. After dinner, Saya and Haji went on a walk on the beach. They sat down as they reached Saya's favourite spot on the beach. Saya leaned against Haji's side comfortably as he put his arm around her waist.
"It really is good to be back," Saya sighed contently, "Everyone looks so different but they are still the same in their hearts. I wish I could see Julia and David though."
"Kai didn't tell you?" Haji asked. He continued when he saw the confused look on her face, "We are taking a plane tomorrow to London. David and Julia couldn't come because they are busy taking care of the orphanage."
"Oh…I see. I'm just surprised that Julia isn't here already, excited to do some tests on my blood," Saya joked.
She then twisted her neck up to look at Haji with anticipation in her eyes. Haji, understanding what she wanted, leaned down to cover her lips with his. This kiss was not as passionate as the other earlier one. Instead it was more relaxed, yet just as avid. Saya moved her hands up to touch Haji's face as he wrapped his arms gently around her. He slowly moved his bandaged hand up to the back of her head to hold her even more closely to him. She softly lowered her hands to just simply enjoy the blissful moment.
It was a very long time before they started heading back towards the restaurant. By then, the sun had set and the moon was up. They walked back, hand in hands, very much like how they had first arrived.
"Why did you look different when you were looking through the pictures this afternoon?" Haji asked unexpectedly. They had walked back to the Omoro and were standing on the street in front of it.
"Hmm? I was?" Saya said, coming out of a daze.
"Yes, when you were looking at the wedding pictures especially," he said, looking at her right in the eyes.
"I guess you don't miss anything eh?" Saya smiled wryly. She paused for a moment then finally replied, "Looking at those wedding photos made me envious of the brides. I would love to wear something like that someday.
"You would look very beautiful in a wedding dress," Haji said quietly.
Saya opened her mouth to answer, but then realized that she didn't quite know what to say. Luckily, at that moment, Kai called out for her and Haji to go back in so he could lock the door. Saya walked ahead of Haji and did not look at him as she walked into the building. She was glad that the darkness hid her flushed face and that the rapid pounding of her heart could not be heard.
The next morning, everyone was frantically doing last minute packing. Saya did not have much to pack so she just sat, staring out the window with a dazed look. Haji acted as if the conversation last night never happened, so Saya tried to do the same. Nevertheless, whenever she recalled that moment, her face heated right up. What was he trying to imply? Saya wondered frustratingly. However, coming to no conclusions, Saya decided that he was probably just complimenting her.
Within a few hours, they were all aboard the plane. Kai had closed the Omoro for two weeks and Irene and George had left a note at the school saying that they would be on vacation. Saya was sitting with Haji; Mizuki and Mizaki were sitting behind them; Kai and Mao were sitting in front of them; Irene and George were sitting in front of their parents. As the plane took off, Saya looked out the window with fascination in her eyes.
"Wow, the houses are so small!" she excitedly said.
"Yes they are," Haji replied with a small smile, "This isn't the first time that you've been on a plane you know."
"I know…but every time we were on a plane, it was always during the search for Diva. It was hard to notice anything around me that time…" she replied quietly, her excitement slowly leaving her face.
Haji sensed her going into pain, so he comforted her with a small kiss. He then held her very closely.
"It's alright," he said soothingly, "We will soon be in London with everyone."
"Yes," Saya sighed and faintly smiled at the thought, "We will finally be together with everyone, like one big family."


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