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Happily Ever After- Blood+ (5.Jen jedno přání)

7. května 2012 v 13:30 | Iva |  Blood+
"Julia, you seem to be more excited about my blood rather than the fact that I am back," Saya complained. The eight of them had just arrived in London and for the whole morning, Julia had been doing tests on her.
"Well, it's for your own good," Julia replied, "You've been asleep for thirty years and I want to make sure you're alright. You don't seem to be too tired or too hungry though. You didn't have any blood transfusions when you were in Japan did you?"

"No, Haji gave me some of his blood," Saya said, blushing slightly.
"Oh, I should've known," Julia said, "Mao told me all about you two."
"I can't believe she did that! You guys are like a bunch of gossiping old ladies," Saya joked.
"Well excused me if we were gossiping. Plus, whose the old lady here, Miss-born-in-the-1800s," Julia retorted and they both laughed. Julia then took some blood from Saya for later studies.
"I see you're still very into science," Saya commented
"Yes, there is finally something new that I can study. While you were asleep, I could only study Lulu. I managed to discover a way for Lulu to live under the sunlight, as you've seen this morning," Julia said as they both smiled at the memory.
When they first arrived at the orphanage, Saya was nearly tackled down by a small figure. It took her a while to finally recognize that it was Lulu because one, she was under the bright sunlight, and two, she kept twirling her around saying how glad she was to see her.
"You could imagine how surprised I was, seeing Lulu under the bright sun and without her usual black cloak," Saya said, "I am really glad to see Lulu so happy and energetic."
"Yes, I agree," Julia said, "Life has been really good since the Chiropteras were destroyed. We don't have to constantly track down and kill the Chiropteras; we can finally settle down and not worry about being attacked by monsters."
"I am glad then," Saya smiled.
"Okay you're all good to go. I think I've kept you here long enough," Julia said as she stood up.
Saya happily hopped off the bed and walked into the living room where everyone was at. They were all sitting around on the couches and talking to each other. Haji was talking quietly with David, who was still recognizable even though he had completely white hair. Lewis, who was still just as bald and chubby as ever, was exchanging news of his life with Mao, Kai, and Lulu. The two pairs of twins were chatting with a dark blond guy who Saya assumed was Julia and David's son. When she entered the room, everyone stood up and crowded around her, telling her how glad they were to see her.
"Saya!" David exclaimed giving her a hug, "You look just as young as ever. Here let me introduce: this is my son Ken."
"Hello nice to meet you Ken," Saya said politely, shaking hands with the taller man, "You have a nice home here."
"Yes, we do," Ken replied, smiling at his parents, "Usually it would be more crowded with the kids, but they're at school right now. Anyways, not meaning to be rude, but I need to get going now or else I'll be late for my job. Bye everyone!"
"Uncle Ken is a doctor," piped Irene as he walked out the door.
"He seemed to be interested in sciences, just like his mother," David said, "Anyways Joel and Monique are not here because it is hard for Joel to get around with his wheelchair, so we are having a large get together dinner in London later tonight."
"Then I can finally see everybody," Saya smiled. She turned to Lewis and asked, "So where is your family?"
"They are staying in London right now because there isn't enough space here," Lewis replied, "You'll get to meet them later on."
"Saya, come on come on," Lulu suddenly said, dragging her out the door, "Let me show you around!"
"Ah wait," Saya protested. She looked at Haji who nodded and sighed as she gave up and allowed to be towed along by Lulu. For the rest of the morning, Lulu gave her a tour of the house and the areas around it. There were more flowers and plants than the last time that Saya was here. There were also more animals, like pigs, cows, and horses.
After the tour, Julia and Mao made lunch and everyone ate outside under the warm sun while Haji played his cello. For the rest of the afternoon, everyone lazily laid around outside, chatting peacefully. Eventually, they had to go back inside to get ready for the evening. Saya decided to wear an evening gown borrowed from Mizaki.
The rest of the night was spent at an exquisite restaurant in London. There were many old friends and new faces present. It was only after the many introductions had been made did the meal start. For once, Saya was shy at meeting everyone. However, by the end of the meal, Saya was chatting away with Roxanne, who was Joel and Monique's daughter, and many others as if they had known each other their whole lives instead of meeting them just a few hours ago. For Saya, it was a magical night spent with friends and family as if she had never been away in the first place.
It had been three weeks or so since they had arrived in London. Everyone had all decided to stay just a bit longer because they were having so much fun. The three weeks were spent very much like the first day: just simply spending time with each other. Occasionally, Saya would go the city for a change of scene.
The first time Saya went to London was with her three nieces. George didn't want to go shopping so he stayed at the house with everyone else. Saya had a wonderful time with Mizaki, Mikuki, and Irene that day. Although there were huge age differences between the girls, on the surface they looked around the same age so they got along just fine. They did everything: sightseeing, shopping, eating, and so on, just like every other normal teenaged girls would. They had often gone back to London during their stay.
Saya also went to the city a lot with Haji, simply making up the lost time they had spent apart. Sometimes they went to visit Joel and Monique and sometimes they went to visit Lewis and his family at the hotel. However, they spent most of the time with each other. They walked along the streets of London holding hands, oblivious to what was around them. She even took him shopping once and managed to buy him a pair of jeans and a long black coat. However, she had never seen him wear them yet. It seemed that Haji still preferred his usual suit.
When Saya didn't go to London, she helped out around the house. She helped baby-sit the orphans and helped clean the house. During her spare times, she would then go horseback riding with Haji around the countryside. Sometimes they also went on picnics, just like they did when they were living at the Zoo. Other times, they went on hikes, so they could be alone and enjoy each other's company. David also took everyone fishing once or twice at the nearby river. Although Saya did not learn how to fish the first time she was there, she quickly caught on to the techniques and even managed to catch a fish.
And now, three weeks after their arrival, Saya was relaxing outside after dinner. She sat on the cool grass on a hill with Haji beside her. They were due to return to Japan in a few days because Irene and George could not afford to miss anymore school. Although Saya was glad she was returning home soon, she felt that something was missing.
"I will really miss this place when we leave," Saya said, "I'm going to miss David and Julia and Ken and the children."
"I know, me too. It has been really nice and…relaxing," Haji replied, "You can always come back."
"I know, but still…" she broke off. Saya then went quiet for a bit.
"Hey Haji," she finally said, breaking the silence.
"I don't really want to go back to Okinawa," Saya said, slightly uncertain, "at least not yet."
"What do you want to do then?" Haji asked.
Saya thought for a minute then replied, "I want to travel around the world like what Mizaki and Mizuki did. They told me all about their travels and I find myself wishing I could do the same. We'd been to a lot of places while hunting for Diva, but we never really just simply traveled for the fun of it. Remember when we were still living at the Zoo and I said my dream was to travel around the world with a sword and with you? Well I still have the same dream, except not with a sword, perhaps with a camera instead. I still want you to come with me though."
"If that is your wish," Haji answered.
"I hate it when you say that," Saya frowned, "It makes it sound like you don't want to and your just coming because I want to. Don't you have anything you want?"
"Your wish is my wish," he said quietly.
"There must be something that you want too," Saya persisted, "We've always been doing what I want: searching for Diva, killing the Chiropteras, and so on. You've done everything for me and now I want to do something for you in return. You must have a wish don't you?"
Haji stayed silent for such a long time that Saya thought he wasn't going to reply. Finally he said, "I do have one wish, just one."
"What is it?" Saya prompted.
"My wish," Haji said quietly as he turned his head so that he was facing her, his eyes full of love and affection, "is for a marriage and you as the bride."
For a moment, Saya simply stared at him, stunned. When she finally regained her ability to speak, she screamed, "Yes! I would love to!"
She threw her arms around him with such force that she landed on him. Haji replied her enthusiasm with a kiss that was filled with love and passion…
Later that night, Kai found a note left on the table that read: I wanted to see what London looks like at night so I am going to do some sightseeing with Haji. Don't worry about us, we won't be back until tomorrow. -Saya.
"What do you mean you won't be back until tomorrow," Kai grumbled at the note, annoyed.
"Kai, just leave them alone," Mao scoffed, "They're grownups for peets sake."
"She's my little sister! And now she leaves in the middle of the night-"
"Oh shut up, she's technically older than you. Plus she'll be safe with Haji."
"But that's what I was trying to point out!" Kai said as he shut the lights and walked upstairs, "She's going be out, god knows where, with him and…"
Somewhere in the city in a grand hotel, Saya and Haji were sitting on the middle of a very big, comfortable bed.
"Are you sure you want to do this," Haji asked.
"Yes, I do," Saya answered firmly even though she was slightly nervous.
Haji slowly leaned in and gave her a small, careful kiss. She responded in the same way at first, and then slowly, as she relaxed, she began to unwind. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he hugged her closer to him. As they tumbled back on the bed, Saya began to unbutton his shirt. He stroked his bandaged hand across her bare skin, roughly yet not uncomfortable, and tangled his other hand in her hair. She soon found that she could no longer think when their kiss became even more complicated, more passionate; she felt her mind go blank as she simply let her body enjoy the moment.


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