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Happily Ever After- Blood+ (6.Divina Poslední Píseň)

8. května 2012 v 13:30 | Iva |  Blood+
Saya woke up the next morning, slightly confused as to where she was. Her head seemed to be lying on a broad chest and an arm was wrapped around her, keeping her snuggly close against him. Her eyes slowly fluttered open as she adjusted to the light. She looked up and beamed when she saw Haji smiling at her with soft, tender eyes.
"Good morning, Saya," he said, softly.
"Good morning," she replied, blushing as her memories returned.

Last night, in her words, was amazing. In all her years, from her memories of the Zoo to hunting the Chiropteras, she had never felt so alive. In one night, Haji made her feel this particular kind of excitement she had never experienced before. He made her feel important, special, loved, and so much more indescribable emotions. So this is what it is like to be in love, Saya sighed contentedly.
"We better get going before Kai sends out a search party," Haji said, kissing her forehead gently.
"But I like it here, just the two of us. I could stay here all day with you. Or, maybe we can go walk around London. But then again, we have already seen pretty much all of London. Ah, I know, we can start our travels! We can go to Paris or Venice or wherever…it'll be like a honeymoon…yeah, just perfect…" Saya ranted on incoherently against Haji's chest as she daydreamed.
"Going on a honeymoon before getting married?" Haji asked, slightly teasing her.
"Oh, hm good point…well we could get married when we go back to David's. Everyone is there already anyways. But…that means the wedding would have to be this week because Kai and Mao and their twins need to get back to Japan soon. I can finally wear one of those beautiful white dresses…" suddenly Saya gasped, finally coming to her sense. She looked up, her face flushed with horror and embarrassment, "Oh no! I can't believe I just said that! I mean we've only been engaged for one night and I'm talking about the wedding already. You must think I have a problem. Let me tell you, I am not one of those crazy women who are absolutely obsessed with weddings and-"
Haji cut her off with a kiss. She protested and struggled, but soon gave in. They continued to kiss for a few more seconds before they broke apart. Given the chance, Saya continued on with her rant, but slightly breathless.
"Hey, that was very rude…I wasn't done talking yet," she pouted, "Anyways, you're right. I don't want to go on a honeymoon without getting married first. But I really want to start traveling! There is so much to see. Mizuki and Mizaki showed me pictures of their trips and it looks like so much fun. They went to Berlin, Moscow, Hawaii, New York-"
Haji cut her off with a kiss for the second time. Before Saya could protest again he said, "I don't mind when my wish will come true. As long you are the one who completes it."
Seeing that Saya had opened her mouth, to protest no doubt, Haji kissed her for the third time. Saya was about to push him away when he deepened his kiss. I could get used to this, Saya thought get gave up her struggle to enjoy this perfect morning.
"You may now kiss the bride," the priest announced, completing the ceremony. Saya tilted her head up, beaming, to allow Haji to kiss her. The guests clapped and whistled loudly as Haji leaned down to kiss his newly wedded wife.
The wedding took place three days after they were engaged. When Saya and Haji had first returned from the hotel, Kai and Mao were standing in front of the door waiting for them. Kai had a scowl on his face and Mao was simply smiling at them. Kai was not at all pleased with the absence of his sister, especially with the fact that she was out the whole night with a man. Mao quickly told him shut up and went up to give the two of them a hug. Saya laughed as Kai stood there with his mouth hanging open. His face wore an expression of shock and annoyance of being interrupted in the middle of his lecture. Kai's mouth dropped even lower when Saya, her face slightly flushing in embarrassment, showed Mao her engagement ring.
"Wow congratulations!" Mao exclaimed joyfully, "I knew this was going to happen sooner or later but I never expected it to be so soon! We are now officially family!"
She enthusiastically hugged both Saya and Haji again. Everyone then turned to see what Kai's reaction would be. For several long seconds, he opened and closed his mouth as he tried to speak. Finally, to everyone's astonishment, he uttered a single word: "Congra-gra-tulations."
Saya nearly cried with joy as she reached up to hug her older brother. Mizuki and Mizaki had just opened the front door when Kai had congratulated his sister. The twins both squealed in delight and practically jumped to hug their aunt. That day could not have been any better; throughout the whole day, everyone was congratulating Saya and Haji. Lewis even dropped by around lunch, after having heard from Julia, to pass on his good wishes.
The rest of the day was spent on planning the wedding. Kai, although grudgingly, and Mao both agreed that the wedding would have to be soon since their twins could not afford to miss anymore school. Mao also agreed that since practically everyone is in London, why not get the wedding over with instead of needing to do another get together later on. Julia added, jokingly, that since Saya and Haji were so close to each other, and had been like that for a very long time, getting married wouldn't be any different. Everyone, well perhaps besides Kai, laughed heartedly in agreement.
In the end, it was decided that the wedding would be small. Saya and Haji both agreed that they did not want anything grand. The most important thing to them both was that their other halves were going to be there. Everyone had noticed how Saya and Haji had hardly left each other's sides since they had returned from the hotel. They also noticed how lovingly they looked at each other whenever their eyes met. Although Kai was feeling very protective of Saya and was also not too pleased that his sister was getting married to Haji, someone who had been his competition in the past, he was genuinely happy for her. It was the first time he had seen her so cheerful and peaceful, and somehow free.
Since the wedding was decided to be a simple one, there were not going to be any best men or bridesmaids. It was simply an official union of the two lovers with the people important to them present in order to celebrate with them. The wedding took place in David and Julia's backyard. The yard had a beautiful view, with the leaves falling and dancing in the wind. It seemed that luck was with them because on the day of the wedding, the sky was completely clear except for a few small clouds here and there. Although it was bright and sunny, the air had a slight winter chill to it.
Saya finally got to wear a wedding dress. She decided on a plain but elegant dress. It was a Vera Wang Silk Organza gown with beautiful lace strapless bodice, full skirt with lace accents and full chapel train. She found this particular dress when she went dress-shopping with Mizuki and Mizaki. As soon as she tried on the dress, she knew that was the one she wanted it. When she stepped out of the dressing room, both of her nieces also agreed that it was the one. Haji wore a tuxedo. It didn't look too much different from what he usually wore except perhaps it seemed newer.
"I love you," Saya said as they broke away from the kiss.
"I love you, too," Haji replied, with a small smile on his lips.
The couple was interrupted as their family gathered around them to give them their congratulations. This was by far, the best day of her life ever since she was born hundreds of years ago. The people she loved were all around her, laughing and enjoying this special day with her. However, the most important thing to Saya was that she and Haji were finally and officially married.
"I'm going to miss you so much Saya," Mao said as she hugged her.
It was two days after the wedding and everyone was at the airport. Kai, Mao, Lulu, and the two pairs of twins were heading back to Japan. Lewis and his family were heading back to their home in Paris. David, Julia and Ken were there to say goodbye and to see them off. The newlyweds were heading off to start their honeymoon.
"Me too, Mao," Saya replied, "I'm going to miss you all so much. I will definitely visit everyone once in a while."
"Yes, and don't forget about us too," Julia said cheerfully, "Visit us often so I can do more tests on your blood"
"How typical of you, Julia," Saya replied as everyone laughed.
"Well, we'd better get going or we'll miss the flight," Kai said, "I will see you soon right sis?"
"Of course," Saya said simply and hugged him.
Kai then turned to Haji and said, "Take care of her okay?"
"That goes without saying," he answered quietly.
Finally, after the last good byes and last hugs, everyone went their way.
"We're here now," Haji quietly woke Saya up.
Saya lifted her head slowly off Haji's shoulder as the plane touched the ground. Her finger was absently stroking her ring. Haji had told her that the red-tinted crystal of the ring wasn't diamond or even ruby; it was a part of Diva. He knew that although the sisters were sworn enemies, Diva was important to Saya. If things had turned out differently, perhaps the twins could have grown up as normal sisters.
This was why they were now here in New York. Haji, knowing that Saya needed a chance to really say goodbye to her sister, bought two tickets to New York. He knew that Saya would need closure before she could truly start their honeymoon.
As soon as they left the airport, they took a taxi to where the Metropolitan Opera House was once located. The area where the building used to stand was now a park called the Opera Park. It was very similar to the Central Park. There were small hills, a few trees, and a small pond. Since it was a week day and the weather was cold and windy, there were not a lot of people at the park.
With their hands entwined, Saya and Haji walked towards the middle of the park. The breeze blew leaves off the trees and the dry leaves crunched under their shoes. Finding a perfect spot on a small hill, Saya sat down. Haji, knowing that his wife needed some time along, quietly left her there. He didn't go too far though, of course, so that he could keep an eye on her.
Silently, Saya sat on the hill. She slowly went through her memories of Diva. She remembered the first time of being aware of her sister's presence. When she heard Diva sing for the first time, she thought that it was a voice of an angel. She somehow sang that song with such passion that Saya was intrigued right away. Saya was ecstatic when she first met Diva; she thought that they could become friends. Although she had Haji as a friend, Saya still felt lonely because she never had a female friend.
However, her dream of a friendship was quickly crushed when Diva murdered Joel and everyone from the mansion. When she saw Diva standing on top of the stairs with blood dripping down her cheeks, she had really thought that it was herself. Saya and Diva were practically mirrored images of each other. The only way that Saya knew that it wasn't her who murdered everyone was that Diva's eyes shined a bright, sinister blue. From then on, Saya was filled with guilt; the guilt of letting Diva out and destroying the place where she called home and the closest person to a father that she had. That equally beautiful and evil song and Diva's bright blue eyes always haunted her nightmares.
As she stroked her ring, Saya wondered if things could have turned out differently if Diva grew up with the same treatment that Saya had. If Diva had understood what love and family meant, would she have turned out as sadistic as she had? The answer, no, came to Saya's mind immediately. Diva might've been just as bold but she definitely would not have been as aggressive. Of course she wouldn't know any better other than to treat others as if they were inferior to her seeing as she grew up being treated as a caged animal. She was only simply treating humans as Joel had treated her: as an experiment and as nothing more than a toy.
Saya and Diva could have had the same sisterly relationship as Mizuki and Mizaki does. Saya knew she could not change the past and that wasting her time dwindling about it was useless. But then why couldn't she seem to forget the desperation in Diva's eyes as she crystallize or the image of her trying to hold herself together as she reached out desperately to her children. Maybe she all she wanted was to be a mother, Saya thought, as a drop of tear slid down her cheek.
"I'm so sorry, Diva," Saya whispered, "I should have tried harder. If I did, maybe you would be here with me, with Mizuki and Mizaki, too. Even though I never really had the chance to know you better, I really do miss you. I really do."
As hard as she tried not to cry, a sob escaped her throat. I swear, Saya thought, I can still hear Diva singing even now. If I tilt my head just right, I can just see her standing in the midst of the twirling leaves. Saya shut her eyes, trying to erase her imaginations from her mind. However, when she opened them, Diva was still standing in front of her.
"Diva?" Saya disbelievingly asked.
"Hello, Saya," Diva smiled at her. Her smile was different. It was no longer the evil smile but rather, a sad and peaceful one.
"But-but…how is this possible? I-I killed you, thirty years ago."
"I know. I'm just back temperately, as a ghost of some sort. I felt you reaching out towards me, and well here I am." Diva reached out a transparent hand, as if trying to reach for her sister, and dropped it as she realized what she was doing. "I'm glad that I can see you one last time. I need to tell you something. I need to thank you."
"For what? For killing you and taking your daughters?" Saya replied bitterly as a fresh drop of tear seeped out of her eyes.
"No, of course not, we both know you did what you had to. Heck, I would have killed you given the chance and you know that. No, I am thankful for your care of Mizuki and Mizaki. Thank you, for letting them understand what love is and most importantly, for letting them grow up with a family filled with happiness and joy. I am glad they grew up with the kind of love that I had once wanted and always curious of but could never have. They have grown up beautifully. My only regret is not being able to be here with them and that I will never be able to experiment what it is like to be a mother."
"I'm so sorry," Saya sobbed, "I'm so sorry that you can't be here with me, with us. I wish you could be here still."
"I know, me too. But what's done is done. You have to live with the best you have; you taught me that. Really, or else I'll be a bitter ghost right now and will be haunting you for eternity," Diva chuckled slightly. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew by and Diva's image started shimmering. Diva grimaced regretfully. "I guess it's time for me to go. I will miss you, Saya-neechan."
"Me too. We will meet again some day, I promise," Saya swore as Diva became barely visible. "Okay?"
"I promise," her twin whispered in a barely audible voice.
Saya didn't know how long she sat on the hill after Diva disappeared. She stopped crying long ago, but the pain in her heart was not any less. However, she was comforted knowing that Diva is living a peaceful afterlife. As the sun came close to setting, Saya felt Haji come up behind her.
"I miss her," Saya whispered.
"I know," Haji replied quietly.
"But I'm glad I came here today. Somehow, I feel more peaceful and ready to face the world," Saya said in a shaky voice. She turned and faced him, "Thank you for being here with me. I really don't know how I could have done it without you."
Haji gave no reply but just simply took her in his arms. The couple sat and watched the sun sink lower and lower.
"We can start our honeymoon now right?" Saya asked, with a small smile on her lips.
"Of course, anytime you want. I know just the perfect place to start," Haji replied. He offered her his hand and pulled Saya up. Holding hands, the lovers walked off into the setting sun together.


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