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Happily Ever After- Blood+ (7.Epilog)

9. května 2012 v 13:30 | Iva |  Blood+
Where…where am…where am I?
Saya tried to twist around, as much as she was able to that is. She felt around her and her fingers came into contact with a rough, yet silky surface. It didn't take long for her to realize that those were the walls of her confinement.

She sighed and stopped moving for a bit. It was going to be a while before her strength returned to her and she needed to conserve them while she could; she didn't know how she knew this, but she just did. Saya was planning her way out when she heard it: the slow, melodic music coursing into the cocoon, causing it to vibrate.
Quite suddenly, a memory flashed through her mind. A tall, lean man was playing on the cello… the scene turned slowly so that his face slowly became visible… one of his hand was heavily bandaged but the melody coming from the instrument was still just as beautiful… a gust of wind blew his hair across, losing the blue ribbon that held his hair together…
Who was that man? Saya knew he was important to her, but she couldn't really remember why. With a newfound incentive, she frantically tore at the walls of the shell as much as her weak body allowed her. However, her fingers seemed to make no impact on the cocoon. Saya growled frustratingly and began kicking the walls out of anger; there was someone waiting for her out there and this silly thing was keeping her in! Finally, yet surprisingly, Saya felt rather than heard the crack. She grinned at her success and swiftly began to dig her way out.
After what seemed like an eternity, Saya tumbled out of the cocoon. Her body was still weak for she couldn't even to sit up. But it seemed that she didn't need to worry about that; a pair of strong hands lifted her off the ground momentarily and she felt herself being settled into someone's lap. She looked up and saw a man's face; it was the man that was in her memories.
"Haji…" the name rolled of her tongue easily; the name came to her as if it had been in her mind all along. Actually, it had been there all along; thirty years of slumber sure had made her mind go fuzzy.
"Hello, Saya," he said quietly. Without another word, he slipped off the bandage that was covering his arm and with a glint of silver, slit his hand. He quickly put his hand up to his mouth and sucked in as much blood as possible. Tilting her head up, he lowered his lips to hers and she drank in hungrily; with each swallow, Saya felt her energy strengthen quickly. After several mouthfuls, Saya was satisfied.
"How have you been?" she asked him.
"Good," he replied simply; he didn't need to say it, but Saya knew he missed her. She knew she missed him. He handed her some clothes and she swiftly put them on.
"How is everyone?"
"They're fine." He paused for a moment. "David and Julia passed away about ten years after you went to sleep."
At first, Saya didn't remember who they were. Then, a light blond lady was giving her some blood transfusion in a hospital… she was very kind to her, every single time that she visited… a clean, middle-aged man sat in her father's pub; she remembered seeing him visit her father several times… An elderly man and woman greeted her in front of a large country house; they were the same couple from the memories before, but thirty years older… another image of the elderly lady poking her with needles… Saya blinked back tears. She had expected this to happen; after all the two of them were not exactly young the last time she was awake.
"Any-anyone else?" she asked, afraid.
"No," Haji replied. "Lewis is still hanging on, but his memory is not as good as it used to be. On a brighter note, both of Kai and Mao's children are married."
A young man with dark red hair was laughing and playing baseball with her and a little boy… Riku… her little brother… A teenage girl with fiery dark eyes was yelling at her… something about lying… "I'm sorry"… a hand flashed across her face… Thirty years later, grey hair coursed through both the boy and girl's hair… their children stood on either side of them… so much like their parents…George and Irene.
"That's good. That's very good," she whispered. Not being able to hold herself any longer, she stumbled forward and wrapped her arms around him. He drew his hands around her shoulders, holding her tightly against him. She sighed, "I've missed you. I've missed everyone. I want to see everyone now…"
"Of course," he said. He pushed her slightly away from him so that she was facing him. "But first, there are some people I would like you to meet." He saw the question in her eye so he held out his hand to her, "Come, I'll show you."
"Alright then," she smiled at him and took his arm. Together they walked out the tomb just as the sun was setting. Saya felt like she had been through this before, but just thirty years earlier and instead of facing dawn, she was twilight this time. As her eyes slowly adjusted to the light, she saw two girls, twins, waiting for them just at the top of the stairway. They looked oddly familiar.
Two dark haired babies, crying in their own bundle… a frozen, yet beautiful statue of a lady who looked so much like her had her hand reached out towards the babies… but she would never reach them… Two sisters stood in front of them, mirrored images of each others except their eyes… "This is Mizaki and Mizuki," Mao said… Yes, Mizaki and Mizuki. Her nieces.
"Mizaki and Mizkuki?" But even as she said it, she knew that the twins standing before her were not her nieces. They looked like them, except their faces were slightly longer, kind of familiar for some reason.
"No," Haji told her. "They're over at Kai's right now."
She looked at the twins, then at Haji. Then the twins again. Suddenly, she gasped in realization.
"This is Yuri and Yuki," he introduced as the two girls walked forward shyly.
"Saya! I found it!" an elderly Julia was saying excitedly; she looked a lot like the Julia that Saya knew thirty years earlier. She was waving her arms animatedly while explaining and her cheeks were flushed. "Finally, after almost two years of researching, I found a way to alter the genes in yours and Haji's blood so that there is a higher chance for you to conceive. The thing is, since the blood of a Chiropteran Queen and her Chevalier…" a great haze covered this part of the conversation. Saya suspected that she might have blocked it out because she didn't quite understand what Julia was saying. It went on for another fifteen minutes, and Saya remembered being quite bored. And plus, it was almost time for her next hibernation and she was fairly sleepy. "…so then I just changed it, and voila! Anyways in conclusion, I think you and Haji might be able to have children now…if you want to that is."
And she did have children. Twins. Saya remembered almost giving up hope because she was starting to get more and more tired. But then… a miracle.
She rushed forward and took both of them into her arms. A few tears fell as she said shakily, "My-my children… My beautiful daughters."

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